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Aruba 2018

January 14, 2018


The Johnk family spent our sixth New Year's in Aruba and the weather this year was as perfect as ever!

Since I'm still trying to transfer my old blog posts on to here, I'll try to write more in depth about this trip to Aruba for those that are interested in going there. To help make my point in why you should go to Aruba: did you know it's actually the safest island in the Caribbean? Wellll now you do!


Views from our apartment: the pool and the walkway

All of Aruba's beaches are public which means you can go to whatever one you want! If you're not staying at a resort that's on that beach, you will have to bring your own towel or chair. Also, you will see a lot of these Divi Divi trees along the beach - especially Eagle Beach, which are icons of the island. Also, make sure to grab a Balashi beer while you're on the island! They offer brewery tours throughout the week as well.

Charlie's Bar in Saventa

One of our Aruba Must Do's is rent a side by side to explore the parts of the island that aren't accessible by car. You get breathtaking views of the sea and the island that you can't get anywhere else. Plus there are a lot of great stories and memories that come from a day of driving around. We usually find jumps and motocross parks to take the side by side to and we spend some time going off those jumps or just driving in circles in the dirt out in the middle of nowhere. This year, we went to Zeerover's (more on this place later) for lunch, but they were closed for the day, so we asked a local who was walking on the street where to go and he suggested Charlie's Bar in Savaneta. We listened to his advice and were treated to a great lunch with a lot of fun conversation with Charlie himself. If you're ever in Aruba looking for a fun dive bar, Charlie's is your place to go!

 Best places for sunsets? Palm Beach and Eagle Beach

I also found out on this trip that my dad tried to convince my mom to name me 'Jeffrietta' as a baby.. so here is a photo of Jeffrey and Jeffrietta before dinner

Best seafood on the island? ZEEROVER'S. Don't even question me, just go. This is definitely a hole in the wall, but the food is amazing. You order fresh fish by the pound, they give it to the chef to cook up (they only cook it one way), bring it to your table (you can sit on the dock or more indoors) and you dig in! If you go to Aruba, you HAVE to make time to go here.

Some other highlights worth mentioning: we wake up every morning to hike up Mt. Hooiberg because ya know.. fitness. We also do a lot of paddle boarding and jet skiing since we're a family that can't sit still. There are also a lot of cool places to check out that you can get to by car: the Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins, Balashi Ruins, the Natural Bridge, Arikok National Park, Baby Beach (best place to snorkel) and the California Lighthouse. If you're considering going to Aruba or need recommendations on things to see/do, feel free to reach out to me! I have a PDF of some things we've discovered since we started going there. Aruba is one of our favorite places and it's the perfect winter getaway!



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