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SVRA Spring GT Challenge at Road America 2018

May 17, 2018

Before I start to explain how I ended up being the one that raced this event, I want to give a quick shout out to Cardigan Donuts in Minneapolis for working with me to bring donuts to the track for the workers and volunteers. I've been coming to the track for 24 years and working for 16 of those years and I can tell you, I've never heard a worker or volunteer complain. Even when they have to sit outside all day in the heat or cold or rain, they never complain about it. They are always happy to be there and they're always expressing their encouragement to the racers. So please make a conscious effort every race weekend to thank a worker or volunteer for their time.



Now onto race stuff: a week before the event, my dad broke 7 ribs and his hand when the tire on his supermoto flattened while he was riding it, which caused him to high side (aka he was thrown over the bike and landed on his head). When I got to the ER (I was up at Brainerd photographing for CRA, but rushed down as soon as my mom called), my dad asked me three important questions: 1) How's my bike? 2) Where's my bike? and 3) Do you want to race Road America next weekend? Long story short, we were able to switch the registration to make me the driver and switched it over to my car. 


We had unusually warm weather for May in Wisconsin which made for great racing! Since it was the first race of the season for a lot of people, a LOT of oil was spilled. Someone oiled the whole track on Thursday which made for a very slippery Friday. I was trying to get switched into Group 8 (my usual group) so I missed half of our first practice session. When I got out on the track, I was all by myself and going slow to learn the track. I came through Turn 13 completely sideways because I hit oil and I said very loudly to myself "Ahhhh let's not do that again!!" Friday afternoon, our session was delayed by 45 minutes because someone oiled the track from Turn 3 - Turn 14. Everyone in our group spaced out the first 3 or 4 laps to avoid dusting each other with the kitty litter but then we were able to rip!


On Saturday, someone else oiled the track before the Sprint Race from Turn 4-14. It wasn't too bad and didn't make a huge impact on the races. The car was running really well and I was starting to gain confidence and drop seconds off my lap times!


On Sunday, I had a good start and had some close racing with a Mercedes, but my engine temp kept getting too high on the straights and wouldn't drop back down so I came in a little over halfway through the race to make sure I didn't do any damage. I was disappointed that I DNF'ed but I accomplished my goals for the weekend. One goal for the weekend was to try to break 3 minutes, and I was able to get down to a 2:59. I also wanted to be able to go flat out through the kink which I was able to do when I wasn't afraid of the oil (haha). I joked about this but the third goal was to not cry in my helmet which I'm proud to say I DID NOT!


Anyways, enough about me. Here are pictures of cool and fast cars that I took when I wasn't in the driver's seat. Enjoy!




















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