August 7, 2018

April 28, 2018

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Blackhawk Classic 2018

June 23, 2018

It feels weird to talk about my race results because I'm so used to just recapping races that my dad raced in/races that I worked and photographed. I'll try to keep this short, sarcastic and sweet.


On Friday, we woke up to a hurricane at the track and I'm pretty sure we got close to 9 inches of water (give or take 8 inches). I went out for my group's first practice session because I wanted to relearn the track and I wanted some experience racing in the wet. I was the ONLY person in my group to go out. Actually I take that back.. Jon Bauer showed up to the grid and asked if he was in the right one and they let him out, only to black flag him three laps in because he was not in my group. From here on out, we refer to Jon as 'Black Flag Bauer.' Racing in the wet is fun because you can go through a corner and not accelerate at all and almost lose the rear! But in all seriousness, it was good practice and I was able to relearn the track quicker than I thought! As the track dried, more people went out for practices and qualifying and then when the sun made an appearance, it got hot.. FAST.


Saturday was filled with racing! I had Qualifying 2 in the morning, followed by 2 races, followed by the 1 hour Enduro (endurance race) that my dad co-drove with me. The last race had an eventful start with a car spinning before Turn 3 on the first lap and everyone dodging him, trying to miss the incident.



For the Enduro, we switched roles this year and I did the first half of the race. It was delayed due to some on track incidents in previous races so we didn't know when the half marker really was. My dad kept flagging me to come in but I was counting laps in my head and didn't think I had hit the halfway point so I kept going. I came in after doing 14 laps and turned it over to my dad, who was racing with 7 broken ribs and a broken hand mind you. He ended up turning 17 laps in a car that he has only had on the track for 3 laps (last year we tried to do the Enduro but during lap 3, he lost a bolt in the drive train so we had to call it quits). Papa J was exhausted and sore after his stint, but it was worth it! When I got our time sheets, it showed we finished SECOND! 












On Sunday, I only had 1 race which was the feature (15 laps). Everything was great until I went into 1 too hot after a pass and spun myself out. I only lost 1 place and was able to get back on - still a learning experience! Best parts of my weekend was dropping 3 seconds off of my time from last year and having my umbrella fellas, Charles and Tim there this weekend!


I always try to grab photos of my friends racing in other groups, and I was able to sneak some in between races:










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